“How to Become Happy–4 Taoist Doorways”

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4 doors of happiness through taoism



To understand these Taoist keys, I want you to take a moment to think about what you do during the day.

You can do this very simply by making an appointment calendar like list.

If you do this for several days, you will find that your available hours go into 4 general areas of activity:

The Vital 4 Doorways to Happiness

  1. Managing Resources.
  2. Managing Relationships.
  3. Self Development.
  4. Self-Maintenance.

Simple Definitions

These activity areas are pretty straightforward. Management refers to getting more of a thing, getting rid of a thing, shifting the location of a thing, taking care of a thing. If you think of yourself as having a particular bag of blocks, management is whatever you could do to those blocks.

Managing Resources– Often times, people automatically believe that I am referring to money when this point is raised. If your only resource is money, you are in dire trouble. If it is your first thought that resources is a euphemism for money, you are ignoring most of the value in your life. You will miss out as a result.

Resources refer to any value that you can trade or any substance you need for daily well-being.

In ancient times, it could have been Mammoth meat. In the modern era, it could be your brain power or the sweat of your brow. It could also be an entertaining story.

Managing Relationships– How you interact with other humans and the relationships you have with them. Not so obviously, it is also the relationships you have with plants, animals, and the emotional world. It is the art of interaction. Humans are communal by nature, so shortcomings in this area directly affect all happiness.

For a spiritually developed person, your relationship with the Tao itself falls into this category.

For a person seeking to understand him or herself, your relationship with yourself is important.

Self Development—–Consistent investment into your personal skills and consistent investment into improving yourself as a human being. Any learning could in theory fall into this category. However, only learning that modifies your self is what falls into here.

Part of understanding management is understanding loss. Anything that you acquire through your management can leave, be taken from you, be misplaced, or simply be destroyed.

Until the day you die, you will always have you to fall back on. If you have not been investing into yourself, then there is very little in that personal Golden Parachute.

Self-Maintaining: —This refers to taking care of your biological needs. Much of what is in this doorway will crossover into the others, but the application is distinct from the others.  Specifically it covers topics like cleaning and grooming yourself, having food, adequate shelter, and being safe.


90% of the Unhappiness in Your Life Comes From Not Using These Doorways Correctly!

When you do not understand the doors, can not access them, or just mangle the handling of them, you will be horribly unhappy.

In 4 Ascendant Taoism, we spend a lot of time learning simple ways (Taoist Keys) for opening these doors.

I have provided a selection of Taoist articles below to help you get the keys.

Please click away!


Warm Regards,

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Master Mikel Steenrod
Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven
(Lineage Holder of the 4 Ascendant Spheres Purity Adept School of the Tao)

P.S.  If you are ready to take the next step and get directly mentored in getting through these doorways, please check here.



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