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Your question is mostly about self awareness, “How do I know what I am and how I should behave?”

Becoming self aware is part of an overall process both in the pursuit of happiness and in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. You acquire self-awareness through following practices like the 3 level method, and using the Taoist mind to solve your day to day problems.

Specifically to Karma:

Humans have a natural sensitivity to karma. That sensitivity, combined with trial and error, will very quickly reveal specifics of karmic rules to you. Your best bet is to activate that natural sensitivity and put that tool at your own disposal. Otherwise, you will be caught in a cycle of constantly asking others what their tool reveals about karma. It is better to be in a situation of asking questions about the tool rather than asking about karmic values.

Activating the karmic tool is difficult because it is masked by the Social Mind. The Social Mind functions at greater ease without having people capable of choice, so a large part of its structure is dedicated toward preventing karmic accumulation. What that means is that you must weaken the Social Mind to allow the karmic tool to function. That leads you back to 4 Ascendant Taoist practice like that of the 3 Level Method.

In response to your actual questions, “Yes.”

If you want to a general method for accumulating a constant, but low level amount of karma, refer to the gratitude invocation.

Warm regards!

By: Bryson Sat, 19 Nov 2016 05:17:38 +0000 So by making choices in a given pole it will give you the karma of that pole, how can you tell what pole you’re in and how can you tell what pole your choices are in? do you get better at telling if you’re making a positive, neutral or negative choice over time? does the neutral pole have the same system as the positive and negative when your in one of those poles and you make a choice in the other pole you get subtracted that amount of karma in the pole you are in?