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Manifesting Health: Taoist Invocation

Dear Friend,

In working with an invocation of health, you have 2 major possibilities to focus your invocation: Invoking health as a whole, invoking correction of a condition.  Invoking health as a whole is much more effective than invoking health after the fact.

In working with health, it is very easy to get caught into mental baggage about being granted a divine gift of health.  In other words, you’’re sick or injured and you pray that a divine force will intervene and correct the issue.  If you want to do that, that is fine and it is up to you.  However, while prayer is similar to invocation, it is not invocation.  Invocation is about tapping and focusing the karmic energy that you have accumulated by developing a relationship with the Tao.

Correction is usually more costly than prevention.

However, you won’t know a thing is correctible by invocation until you try it.  As I have often told people, how difficult we view a thing in the spiritual realm is created by experience from the first sphere.  Those experiences have nothing to do with the spiritual realm, and so you really have no idea what is difficult or not difficult within the spirit.  Try it, sometimes very hard is easy and easy is very hard!

General Health Invocation

 Corrective Health Invocation

Body as it Should Be Health Invocation

***Express the function of the body as it should be.***

Warm regards,

Master Mikel Steenrod
Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven