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Taoist Invocation for the Lost

“Taoist Invocation to Create A Beacon For the Lost”

Dear Friend,

Nothing is ever truly lost within the Tao, since we are always within the Tao.  However, the way back to a physical point or person can become obscured and disappear.  The lost person may not know what direction to turn to find his or her way.

In such a situation, where the lost person is actively seeking a way back to a known place (e.g. home), creating a beacon for the lost is the appropriate invocation.  It is designed to create a ping, a tremor, in the lost person’s intuition that will tell him or her what direction to head in.  This is the beacon.

This sample invocation should be modified using the principles of invocation to fit your particular situation.

In this example, the lost one’s name is JOHN and he is male.  I am assuming that you are invoking in the location that you want JOHN to return to.

Invoking a Beacon For the Lost

(End of the Invocation)

This invocation can’t be used to direct someone that has actively chosen to not return to a place.  However, it can be used to direct someone that is confused and has forgotten what they are doing.  Such a person has an obscured path.

This invocation works equally as well for pets.


May Best Wishes Toward Your Successful Invocation,



Master Mikel Steenrod

Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven

P.S.  If you have not reviewed the principles of invocation recently, please do so.  An overview can be found here: principles of invocation.