5 Reasons Balance Is Hard

5 reasons balance can be hard to find

Taoism, particularly in the 4 Ascendant Tradition, is best equipped to help you find a balance in your life.  Balance is the foundation of a happy person. A human being requires balance in the 4 managements (resources, relationships, self-development, self-maintenance) or the 4 Taoist doorways.  When these are unbalanced, you are in pain. The truth […]

Knowledge of Self Is a Requirement of Happiness

Steer Your Course

Dear Friend, Why is knowledge of Self important? We often hear it bandied about in quotations, pithy sayings, and axioms, but does self-knowledge make any difference in how you live your life and the happiness it provides?  How does knowledge of self provide that happiness? I provide a simple, Taoist method for increasing your happiness […]