What is the Taoist Bible?

Looking for Taoist Bible

  So what is the book that I should read?  What is the Taoist bible? It’s great that you want further your study of Taoism and explore the Tao.  There is no Taoist Bible.  Westerners typically expect the response to be the Tao Te Ching, or the Tao of Pooh. The text that is the […]

Do Taoists Drink Wine, Beer, or other Alcohol?

Alcohol and Taoism

There is no prohibition against wine, beer or other alcohol in most sects. Mixed faith sects or specific alchemy schools may have their own restrictions.  These are special situations and don’t represent the bulk of Taoist practice. Through most of Chinese history, people consumed watered wine as a primary beverage (a mix of water and wine).  […]

What is Taoism’s Position on Homosexuality and Sexuality?

Many People

Dear Friend, There is Taoist sect variation on the position regarding sexuality, but there is no position that could be called “prudish.”  There is also no particular condemnation of homosexuality. Homosexuality is certainly not regarded as a violation of Divine Law, and is really given no special status-positive or negative. The condemnation of homosexuals present […]

What Does Taoism Say About the Apocalypse, Mayan Calendar or End of the World?

Is Time Running Out?

In Taoism, there is no fated apocalypse.  This is true across schools, including the 4 Ascendant Tradition, and traditions that are heavily based on oracle practices. Humanity may ultimately destroy itself or may not make the correct moves to avoid destruction, but there is no divine apocalypse of humans.  People ask this question largely because […]