Journey to the Tao–The First 33 and 1/2 Days

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It has been my understanding the Tao, or Dao, is impersonal, unlike the God of the Judeo/Christian religion s. It would seem that belief is borne out by what is being presented here. We are simply being taught how to appreciate what we’ve been given already, understand how to recognize it, and how to optimize our use of it. If I’m incorrect, please feel free to show me where I err. Also, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. Do you see any reason why Taoism and Reiki cannot work comfortably hand in hand together?


Taoism cross sect and history has been generally open to testing and combinations with other faith systems. However, it’s beneficial to recognize and acknowledge the source of a particular idea or practice. Most trained Taoists are aware of roots of most practices in their home discipline, even across centuries.

It is correct that Taoism is not anthropomorphic in its early forms. Ritual systems do however have a pantheon of Gods and Saints. Enlightenment systems are not typically ritual systems.

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