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Comments (4)

Greetings. I am trying to register for the 33.5 day course. I do not get a window in which to enter my payment information. After my basic info is entered I get a window telling me that it appears that in my state there is no method for me to make a payment available. ‘Tis not true. I live in Florida!
Please advise….


jerry l

Hello Jerry,

Thank you for the heads up. Sorry for the inconvenience. The issue appears to have been caused by a platform update and should now be corrected. Please leave a note if it doesn’t work for you again.

–Henry W, Manager

greetings… I have successfully registered and paid for the 33.5 day course. I have not found a way to access it.
Please advise,

thank you,

jerry l


I’m sorry that you’re having difficulty. We are working to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, and your feedback helps with that. Have you clicked account>my courses ? Alternatively the link to that page is here, https://www.the-taoism-for-modern-world.com/profile/

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