What is the 4 Ascendant Taoist Tradition?

Seeker views 4 mountains represetning the 4 spheres

Dear Friend, The information that you’re reading here comes both from my 32 years of working in actual Taoist practice and from the Taoist tradition known as the 4 Ascendant Sphere Purity Adept School of the Tao. Taoist practice traditions are called schools, mansions, or sects. If we use Christianity as a comparison, Baptist, Adventist, […]

What is Karma in Taoism?

Karma, in the 4 Ascendant Taoist Tradition, is one of the 3 Crucial (a.k.a. Primal) Energies: karma, qi, and abundance. Making progress toward either spiritual enlightenment or significant personal happiness is extremely difficult without collecting karma.  If either of these goals is something that you want then you need to build your knowledge about karma to high […]

Knowledge of Self Is a Requirement of Happiness

Steer Your Course

Dear Friend, Why is knowledge of Self important? We often hear it bandied about in quotations, pithy sayings, and axioms, but does self-knowledge make any difference in how you live your life and the happiness it provides?  How does knowledge of self provide that happiness? I provide a simple, Taoist method for increasing your happiness […]