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Podcast Transcription, Episode 3-You Are The Tao

Cover photo for Episode 3

Living The Tao: A Spiritual Podcast Episode 003: You Are The Tao Taoist Topics Covered 4 Ascendant Spheres Taoist Lineage Invocation Gratitude Karmic Debt Taoist Blessing Episode three, “You are the Tao.” Welcome to Living the Tao, a spiritual podcast that explores how ancient wisdom, a practical perspective and deep truth can empower you to […]

The Most Important Taoist Invocation

I’m going to reveal the single most important Taoist invocation.  If you do no other invocation than this one, your spirituality will grow. Invocation is really about you sitting down and setting up a direct, responsive relationship between you and the Tao.  In contrast, I often liken text study of such things as the  Tao […]