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5 Reasons Balance Is Hard

5 reasons balance can be hard to find

Taoism, particularly in the 4 Ascendant Tradition, is best equipped to help you find a balance in your life.  Balance is the foundation of a happy person. A human being requires balance in the 4 managements (resources, relationships, self-development, self-maintenance) or the 4 Taoist doorways.  When these are unbalanced, you are in pain. The truth […]

Sabotaging Your Chance At Love?

Dear Friend, One of the milestones of spiritual development is when you reach the point where you are no longer your own worst enemy.  That guideline also applies to love. When it comes to love, often times there is a great deal of self-sabotage going on. One source of this sabotage is not realizing how […]

Knowledge of Self Is a Requirement of Happiness

Steer Your Course

Dear Friend, Why is knowledge of Self important? We often hear it bandied about in quotations, pithy sayings, and axioms, but does self-knowledge make any difference in how you live your life and the happiness it provides?  How does knowledge of self provide that happiness? I provide a simple, Taoist method for increasing your happiness […]