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Taoist Parenting for Happy, Vibrant Children

children being guided by taoism toward happiness

I often get questions from parents about how to raise children as Taoists or how to use Taoist parenting skills to produce children that are closer to the Tao.  The parent is seeking to provide to the child the many advantages he or she has reaped from his or her own practice, for family and […]

Taoists Know Love

Love makes the sunrise

It is interesting to me that the modern Taoist philosophical tradition has chosen to ignore many of the basic needs that motivate human existence. Despite this very modern trend, Taoist love wisdom is well understood in Taoism in general and in the 4 Ascendant sect in particular. Let’s define the desire for love. You want […]

Love: Burning Passion or Heart Choice?

Burning Fire of Love

A developed human is meant to have a self that is 1/3 emotion. There are healthy and unhealthy manifestations of love. Healthy love is a fusion of processes and does not come from a starvation of love. What does Taoist Love Wisdom Tell Us About the Best Source of Love? Healthy love comes from a […]