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“How the Spiritual Power of Tao Can Result in Your Becoming Far Happier, Calmer, and More Successful!”

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Dear Friend and Seeker of Spiritual Truth,

What you see on this site is 21 years of work as a Taoist Lineage Holder. I have set out to make the very powerful spiritual path of the Tao immediately useable to a person struggling to find spiritual meaning or to create a better life in this Modern World.

This information comes from thousands of conversations I have had with people curious about Taoism. It has been deepened from work with hundreds of students that I have mentored on the spiritual path. That experience as a teacher has allowed me to provide answers to the most common questions about Taoism, and the Tao. Those answers are here on this site.

You are welcome to it.

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Despite the efforts by myself and my assistants to put together a useful site, those that are further along on the spiritual journey need to step out of the confines of a simple website and dig a little deeper into the power of Taoism. I have created a Free Newsletter to help you to that next step. It focuses on the two primary thrusts of Taoism:

First: Dramatically improve your day to day, nitty-gritty life.

Taoism does not promote a delusional state, where you have to walk around with rose-colored glasses to enjoy the world. It doesn’t say that your only reward will be in the great beyond. It says live here now, as best as you can.

Taoism provides you with simple, straightforward wisdom to make your life happier, calmer, and more successful.

Second: Provides you with a doable path to becoming enlightened.

If you are a spiritual seeker, Taoism gives you a real chance of becoming enlightened. Taoist training starts from understanding enlightenment in straight forward, easy to understand terms and moves to the actual practices for cultivating enlightenment.

Get $71 of Life Changing Wisdom for Free!

Between the days of lowering a bucket into a well, and the modern electric water pump, there was the hand pump. The hand pump was usually made from cast-iron, and you had to pump a handle up and down to get water out of the well.

The problem with the hand pump was that it had to be “primed” to make it work. Priming involved pouring a little water on the pump to create a seal. Once it was sealed, it was easy to pump up much more water. If you didn’t have water in your priming bucket, you had to go borrow some from a neighbor.

It took water to get water. A simple lesson.

Taoism functions the same way.

You have to prime the pump. You need some spiritual wisdom to get you going. To that end, enroll  in the Free newsletter below, I will give you 3 training CDs– a $71 value– for Free. They will prime your spiritual pump.

How to Deal With Sudden Difficulties as a Taoist

First, I’ll give you for FREE what is normally a $27 training CD, “How to Deal with Sudden, Difficult Things!”

We’ve all been in that spot where we are suddenly caught off guard by life events. Sometimes good and sometimes bad (although it’s the bad one’s that are the most disturbing). The mind races and the decisions that we make are… Let’s say questionable at best.

In this 30 minute talk, I outline a simple 3 step Taoist method for handling such events that will help you avoid being overwhelmed or from overreacting.

Taoism and The Oral Tradition

To get you faster to the spiritual power of Taoism, I’ll add another critical 45 Minute talk, “Critical Overview of Taoism and the Oral Tradition.” This is another $27 value for FREE.

Mysteries of Taoist Karma Revealed

Finally, to insure that you will be able to make progress in bettering your life, I provide you with a third CD valued at $17. “Mysteries of Taoist Karma Revealed,” will give you a simple, straightforward model to build your personal karma. With it, you will be able to dramatically improve your personal happiness and move forward on the spiritual path!

These three CDs, worth $71, are available to you for FREE as an immediate download when you sign up for the newsletter below!

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Master Mikel Steenrod
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Lineage Holder of the 4 Ascendant Spheres Purity Adept School of the Tao