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Do you want to embrace the wonder of the Tao?

Prepare to be shocked, comforted, discomforted, excited, inspired, and tickled!  As he has done for decades, Taoist Master Mikel Steenrod talks about the path of spiritual freedom and down-to-Earth, everyday living well. 

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Spiritual Freedom and Living Well

Welcome from Master Mikel STeenrod

Hi, I am Taoist Master Mikel Steenrod, a lineage holder of the 1,500 year old 4 Ascendant Sphere Purity Adept School of the Tao.  That’s a mouth full, isn’t it?

If you give me a minute, I would like to paint a picture for you. 

Imagine if you will it is a starry night, a bit brisk, and you’ve gone for a solo stroll in the darkness.  Up ahead, you see a group of people, a mix of ages, different sexes and races, gathered around a real blazer of a campfire–sparks are shooting off of it and rising to the heavens.

You approach, but stand at a distance.  Maybe it is out of respect.  Maybe out of caution–you don’t know who these freaks are.  Maybe it is simply out of desire to continue on your own.

You hear people speak.  Some talk about their own stories– their triumphs, their confusion, their pain and their wonder.  Some speak the great questions of existence.  Some about just living a little better.

You take a seat, because their stories are your stories.  Maybe you’ll stay for a bit–not even you know.

One gent seems to be the organizer, the speaker.  He speaks the lessons of history.  He answers some questions.  He asks more.

“How can I be free?”

“How can I feel good?”

“How can my life be better?”

That’s what this podcast does.  It is an ongoing talk I have had for decades, but on a modern platform that I believe makes it more accessible.

Give it a try!  After all, it’s just a podcast.

FAQ for Podcast

Yes.  We use supercast as our podcast host.  They have VAT functionality.

The podcast can play through most podcast players, of which there are many.  To run the player, you can use your smartphone or the browser on your computer.

If you require captioning, most phones can do that, and both Chrome and Edge browser provide that capability.

First, you can always just come to this page and play the latest episode.

Second, if you want access to all the monthly episodes as they come out, you need to get a free podcast player app and subscribe.  The icons in the bottom left of the free monthly player will also take you to different podcast players, where you can also get their apps.

Third, the podcast is also on Spotify, Audible, and Googlecast.  You can always voice command the play. 

It’s quite simple.  Once you sign up, you’ll get an email that will walk you through the process.  It’s usually 1 or two clicks.

First, the talks are a fun and interesting exploration of our shared humanity.

Second, the talks cover practical tools that’ll help you improve your daily happiness and mystical knowledge, if you choose it.

Lastly, Master Steenrod completed his training with the renowned Taoist Sun Jun of the 4 Ascendant in the early 90s.  At peak, he has written and talked to an audience in the tens of thousands annually, and worked directly with hundreds of people.

As he puts it, “Credentials are nice, but you can prove what I say in your own life very easily just by doing it.  That should drive you.  Not me.”

Google Chrome provides live captioning as a feature of the Chrome browser for free.  Here is an explanatory video to walk you through the steps: 

The same feature is available with the Microsoft Edge browser.  Here is Microsoft’s instructions:

We have begun the process of formally transcribing episodes, but this is limited by staff hours and finances.