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Journey to the Tao-The First 33.5 Days

-Online Course-

(1 customer review)


Build a daily life that leads you to first understand enlightenment, then to resolving to pursue enlightenment and/or happiness, and finally to building a life that gives you a real chance at both.


  • Daily Delivery of Instruction.
  • 10-15 minute videos, centered on a single concept that you can review repeatedly.
  • Clear Highlights and Takeaways.
  • Quizzes to Improve Your Retention.
  • Self-paced. If you can’t watch your lesson on a given day, you take it on another day.
  • 60 Days to take the course, allowing you to deal with life’s interruptions.
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back.  If you’re not pleased with the course within 90 days of sign up, drop a note and we’ll cheerfully refund your purchase.



Dear Spiritual Seeker,

It is a changing, tumultuous, and illusion filled world. Of the billions of people caught within the tumult, there is a handful of people that are interested in walking the narrow and often precarious path to the Tao.

The world that this spiritual journey must pass through is much different than it once was. The illusions that can capture the mind are stronger than they have been at any time in history. The outright opposition to pursuing a spiritual, happy life is stronger than at any other time. The lack of correct information in an ever growing sea of information is smaller than it has been at any other time. The Social Mind, always present in human history, is now an overwhelming, dictatorial force.

The life of wonder, spiritual power, and connection to the Tao seems more distant than it has been at any prior time.

I started the Taoist path, through the 1,500 year old 4 Ascendant tradition, in 1989. Since that time, I have directly worked with hundreds of people, and written for an average audience of about 40,000 people annually through the internet, email, and print columns.  As a result, I am very familiar with spiritual needs of an individual that wants to consciously craft a spiritual life in the face of the dictatorial power of the Social Mind.

As with most things in life, the more understanding you have at your disposal for any given activity will increase the chances for success. In this video series Master Steenrod has provided a virtual toolbox of information for those interested in spiritual matters or cultivating happiness. Whether you are new to the spiritual path, or are a more advanced practitioner, there is much to be learned here. Master Steenrod has spent decades transmitting knowledge to those who are interested in the inward journey and "Journey to the Tao" is a wonderful and insightful addition to that body of work. I highly recommend it!


It was perfect timing for me to take this course as I was missing an understanding of the influence of the Tao in reality and my daily life. I learned important information about the social mind, free will, choices, guiding vision, the nature of reality and our universe, abundance (and so much more). I feel the tools given by Master Mikel Steenrod in this course could help anyone - they do take dedication, but are do-able and can help establish more personal success, spiritual success and more compassionate self-understanding and purpose. If you are seeking better habits, more productivity, more value in your life & relationships, and/or wish to understand yourself and how to operate in the world - consider taking this course. It is worth far more than it's weight in gold. I now feel better prepared to create a true map of reality for myself and my life and I'm very grateful for Master Mikel and the "Journey To The Tao: The First 33 & 1/2 Days" course!

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1 review for Journey to the Tao-The First 33.5 Days


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    Sam Stearn

    Better the second time around

    This is my second time taking this course. There is a lot of work to do in this course, and I found after the firs time there was a delayed hit of insight. After about three weeks, I started to see and experience deeply many of the points made by Master Steenrod. I am back again for another dose, and it’s already even better.

    August 8, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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