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Image of the taoist course Introduction

4.97 of 5 Stars for Many Clients

Introduction to the Taoist Life

Experience the wonder and power of the Taoist Life in this video series.

  • Doesn’t proselytize.  Respects your faith choices.
  • See How Taoism is Different Than Other Religions.
  • Benefit From Aligning Your Behavior With The Universe.

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“Very Helpful”


-Shelia Fells

On your podcast you talk about making the transition from admirer to practitioner.  This course was very helpful in that regard.  These are practices and beliefs I think would be very useful for me to explore.  Thank you for your time.

Experience the Taoist Path With Clarity and Insight in 3 Easy Steps

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Experience the fulfillment and power of being on a 1,500 year old spiritual path.

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3 Spiritual Benefits From this Course...

Harmonious Action

Harmonious Action

Knowing genuine Taoist practices helps you behave in harmony with what’s real. This leads to feeling more balanced and joyful.

Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

There are two types of stress: essential and non-essential. Non-essential stress happens when what we expect doesn’t match reality. Understanding Taoist principles helps us deal with this stress and move away from discord.

Find Your True Nature

Find who you are when you properly reject society’s fixed molds of politics, economics, and ideology.

Educator find taoist course to be tremendous

-Avery Winston

"Tremendous Work!"

As an educator of over 20 years, I can tell you it‘s always challenging to convey complex information in simple terms.  Master Steenrod has done fine work in walking the balance between simplifying and diluting information.  I can’t imagine that balance being struck in a better fashion.  This is excellent work.  I found it inspiring, informative, and easy to retain.

Monica finds the Taoist talks inspiring

-Monica Rodriguez

"A Lot to Think and Feel!"

I was a little worried that this would be a very dry course, but it’s not.  I found Master Steenrod’s talks to be very powerful, and very moving.  I think about his words on my daily walks (got to get in that second sphere, Master!)  If you are worried that it’s not worth your time, don’t.  It’s worth every second and is very moving.  I’ve been recommending it to my girlfriends!

Master Steenrod Quick Features of his course

Taoist Master Steenrod (of the 1,500 year old 4 Ascendant Tradition) discusses 12 Major Religious and Spiritual Topics in Taoist Practice and respectfully compares them to other religions.

Topics covered:

  • Taoism and Text as Truth.
  • Taoism and Compassion.
  • Taoism, the Yin and Yang, and Bifurcation.
  • Taoism and Redemption.
  • Taoism and Solace.
  • Taoism’s View on Death and Afterlife.
  • Taoism and Sex.
  • Taoism’s View on Money and Wealth.
  • The 4 Ascendant Spheres.
  • Taoism and Politics.
  • Taoist Initiation.
  • Daily Taoist Activities.

This course expires 30 days after enrollment, but can be re-enrolled.

Alan PW
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I am much more at ease with my studies now.
Lena Greenbaum
Obviously Caring and Informative
Read More
Master Steenrod has an overt, caring approach to the topics at hand. He explores them casually, but at depth. A great speaker. I look forward to the TED talk!
Sheila Fells
Extremely Helpful
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On your podcast you talk about making the transition from admirer to practitioner. This course was very helpful in that regard. These are practices and beliefs I think would be very useful for me to explore. Thank you for your time.
AJ McPherson
I'm Shook!
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Thank you for the words of wisdom, Master. I was thorough shook.
Sandra Winner
Introduction to the Taoist Life
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When I first saw that a request for review of this course was made, I felt the course would be excellent for beginners to advanced persons seeking their beginning or continuing their spiritual phase of their Enlightened lives. I received ultimate clarity of my life's purposeful journey. Every choice I have made directed or redirected my hearts calling and I am thankful!
Anna Lakes
Clear, Insightful, Thoughtful!
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Once I learned how to navigate the course, I found it to be incredible. Master Steenrod was clear, and made many insightful statements about religion and Taoism.
George H
Wisdom That Stands The Test of TIme
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I've travelled extensively for decades. IMHO, most religions don't stand up to that experience. The Taoism in this course, as you represent it, does. It stands up to hardship and joy. Well done


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