What is Taoism?

The question of “What is Taoism?” is often times the question of “What Types of Taoism are There?”  You will want to read the post on what types.

Taoism in a nutshell is thousands of years of collected and distilled human methods for the pursuit of enlightenment.  In other words, Taoism is the methods of gathering and using divine truth.  Since these are human methods, they have changed over time and will continue to change over time.

This is a simple statement.  However, it is also an essential division between Taoism and other religious traditions.  The statement is defining Taoism’s position as it relates to text and how spiritual truth is conveyed.

Most religions claim that their writings are divine, and have been provided by divinity itself.

With Taoism, our methods have emerged from trial and error.  They were created by humans on the spiritual journey for other humans on the spiritual journey.  For that reason, the methods, the Taoism can be carefully changed based on new information and new needs.

We are not obligated to be stuck with a text generated thousands of years ago, for a people in a radically different time and place.

Warm Regards,

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Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven
Lineage Holder of the 4 Ascendant Sphere Tradition




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