What Does Taoism Say About Fate and Future? Is it Predetermined?

Plan for the future mapped out

Taoist practitioners spend a lot of time coming to understand the flow of change and time.  As a result, where issues of the future, fate, choice, or prophecy are matters of guesswork or faith in most religions, it is neither within Taoism.

Instead, the knowledge of change and time is highly accurate and can be relied upon as valuable information.  So, this is the answer in a nutshell: some things are predetermined and absolutely will occur.  Most events are not predetermined, but are highly likely because the influences that are bringing about the event are unlikely to change.

The I Ching, the oldest text of Taoism, is designed to instruct one on the flow of change.  It provides a model of the major influences and expressions of those influences, and is often used to reveal the future.




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