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EP 17-You Are Only Half Real

Transcribed: Taoist Master Mikel Steenrod explains how the practice of invocation and keeping quiet about your spiritual experiences can help you become less illusory.
Living the Tao-A Spiritual Podcast

Do you want to embrace the wonder of the Tao? Journey inward to journey outward? As he has done for decades, Taoist Master Mikel Steenrod talks about the path of spiritual freedom and down-to-Earth, everyday living well.

This podcast releases a new episode the first Friday of the month. To subscribe to the weekly episode, please visit the website.

You Are Only Half Real: Episode 017
byMikel Steenrod

In this episode, Taoist Master Mikel Steenrod explains how the practice of invocation and keeping quiet about your spiritual experiences can help you become less illusory.

Welcome to Living the Tao, a Spiritual Podcast that explores how ancient wisdom, a practical perspective, and deep truth can empower you to live your best life. If you enjoyed this episode, we'd appreciate your review on apple or spotify.

Taoist Topics Covered

  • Spiritual Enlightenment Pathway

  • Insight

  • 3 Level Method

  • Inducing Mystical Experience

  • Invocation and Te

  • Understanding Your Personal Need and Limits


Episode seventeen.

You Are Only Half Real.

Welcome to Living the Tao-A Spiritual Podcast

that explores how ancient wisdom,

a practical perspective and deep

can empower you to live your best

In this episode, Taoist Master

Mikel Steenrod explains how
the practice of invocation

and keeping quiet about your
spiritual experiences

can help you become less illusory.

Humanity created the social mife.

Why that occurred?

I don’t know.

And actually, while it’s
an area of interest, I don’t

really care.

That’s something else.

I mean, if somebody wants to
belabor that point themselves,

go forth with that study.

You may, in fact, find something
completely new and hugely

insightful for the spiritual
development of the world.

I don’t care enough to do that,

meaning that that project does
not appeal to me and the mortal

time I have available in my

But humans created the social

It wasn’t something that was
imposed upon them.

And any time that you think that
it is, the farther you get from it,

see if you can help somebody
leave it.

They’ll run right back to it-
every single time.

It’s only choice that ultimately
severs those bonds.

Social mind used to be weaker
than it is.

Now it’s getting stronger.

About 300 years ago is the
general feature…

There was a massive shift in the
structure of something called the ching.

See, for example, humans are
supposed to be fifty percent real and

fifty percent illusion.

That’s our ideal blend.


half social mind, half reality.

Given that blend, the ease of

behind the unreality,

behind the symbol portion of what
a human is,

and entering more into your full

requires effort,

but not huge effort.

More than likely

now, we are at least sixty

illusion, forty percent reality.

Perhaps even more skewed than

Which means it now requires

large effort

to violate

the illusionary portion of

And it’s getting more and more
persuasive and more strong.

Because what, humans are pretty
good creators of such things.

I mean, when you have billions of
people, across thousands of

years, dedicating their time and
resources to developing

what’s basically a huge bear

it can be hard to get out of it.

The only real advantage to it

that really still with us is that
it doesn’t hugely care.

One person out of it, or even a
chunk of people out of it,

doesn’t really matter.


we would have to get into the
nature of ching…

So let’s just, i’ll just make
some mystical side comments.

The social mind is strong enough
to be a thing.

It’s capable of self
preservation. It’s capable of defense,

and it’s capable of resisting
counters to it.

Has it always been that?

Probably not early on.

Why did humans do it?

I don’t know.

All I know is that the things
that draw people back into the

social mind, as they begin to
depart from it, are mostly issues

of comfort and fear.


until you reach a point where
you’re willing to be

uncomfortable and afraid, you
cannot really advance on the path

of enlightenment.

And many people are very
unwilling to face either fear or discomfort,

and so trade freedom

or actual experience of life

for security.


maybe that’s the driving force.

But of course, that assumes I
know a lot about the nature of

the universe that I don’t.

So that’s just a supposition on
my part.

And you notice, I don’t have any
particular attachments to my own

conclusion, because I’ve proven
myself wrong enough often enough

to know that I shouldn’t be
particularly attached to any

given perception of the world
that I happen to have.

I simply follow the best thing at
the best time.

And certain things over the years
have proven to be consistent.

Interestingly enough, they are
the dominant Taoist methods and practices.

So you can get out if you want,

but it’s not going to be trouble

The advantage

you have have has to do with your
opponent. It doesn’t really care,


you’re heading towards what you
already are.

So those are some significant

It won’t be until their reality
is so persuasive


that’s not possible, that

I’m not really sure what’ll
happen at that time.

But again, I have no influence
over that either.

Ok, let’s pop back over here.

So a lot of what we encounter
within the mystical domain

is really not mystical at all. It is
well within the human capacity,

well within the human ability to
do such things.

Where you’re going to…

Now, if you want to activate this
stream of mystical


one, you need to do something
very simple.

It’s not mystical.

You have within yourself this
built in boundary

that says certain types of
insight or operation for your

mind are off limits.

You can’t have that thing within
your head.

And so we had the movement
towards LSD.

Other things like that that could
basically break down the belief that

certain elements of your brain
were off limits.

Now I’m not advocating that for
one simple reason: none of it’s necessary.

Again, you’re dealing with
natural brain function.

You don’t need to go through
extraordinary means to activate

natural brain function.

All you have to do is sit back
and say, this thing is not so mystical,

and actually believe it.

Because, again,

thought and perception comes out
of the belief structure.

So getting yourself to the point
of actually believing it can take

a bit of work.

You might have to sit in the
Woods for a prolonged period of

time, or


just tell yourself that certain
things are not mystical,

or different things like that.

So there’s actually like stuff
you have to do to get there.

But that’s true of pretty much
everything that you do.

So if you want to, if you’re
hungry and you want to eat food,

you have to actually put it on
the end of a fork and then stick

it in your mouth and chew.

As it’s not going to just sit
back and go.

I want to be full and suddenly be

Have the food like magically rise
up and then go down your throat.

And in a Harry Potter fashion
fill your belly.

You have to at least make an

and stick it in your mouth.

So that’s the first standard.

The next standard is, this is a
big one.

Shut up.



you had to tell yourself, it’s
not mystical.

And then you have to shut your


And by that, I mean don’t talk
about your mystical experiences.

Because if you’re talking about
your mystical experiences in the

wrong environment, you bring the
mystical, which is actually a,

what a piece of tao mind, a Tao

within the social mind.

You will cut off the pathway that
you are creating.

You have to be very careful about
who you talk to about mystical experiences.

And the more you bring it into
the social world, the more you

cut that pathway down, the harder
you make it on yourself.

As the social world is not
designed for that.

It is designed for stupidity.

You can’t be not stupid

within the social world. It’s
extremely hard to do.

So shut up.

The next reason–our thing that’s
behind shutting up is this–

Generally, when you’re talking
about mystical experiences,

you’re trying to prove something
to somebody about the nature of

the world.

It’s not your job to prove
something to somebody about the

nature of the world.

They can do it themselves if they

It’s kind of like proving that a

tastes good.

And the guy has a twinkie in his
hand and it’s next to his mouth.

All he’s got to do is actually
stick it in there.

I guess if you really want to,
you can ram the twinkie in their

face, and some of it will like,
go into their mouth.

And or you can stick peanut
butter under roof for their

mouth, and then stick a twinkie

And then in the effort of licking
the peanut butter off, they’ll

chew the twinkie.

All of that is ludicrous,
because so is convincing somebody

of a mystical experience.

You don’t need to convince other
people of mystical experiences

for them to exist. That’s between you
and the universe.

So shut up.

What does it have to do with
anybody else?

It has to do with you,

who you actually are.

And the true universe, as it
actually is.

If you want that relationship to
develop and continue, you need to

keep your mouth shut and actually
deal with the thing that you need

to deal with.

That’s pretty much it.

Those are the two big qualifiers.

Which really tells you how distant

and mysterious

mystical processes are, if that’s
all you really have to do to have

those mystical insights.

And then you don’t do them.

There are a couple of reasons.

One, you’re more concerned about
convincing people of other stuff

than having the actual experience.

Two, you’re already in the social
mind. You know,

at some basic level of belief,

that you can close those
experiences down by not doing

these two things.

So you are closing those
experiences down.

You don’t want to have them.

Your position of being within the
world is too secure.

You don’t want to leave it.

That’s another reason I don’t try
to convince people to do any of

those elements.

It’s like, well, you’re shutting
down the process because you want

to shut down the process.

Now there are some areas where I
know I have a great deal of sway,

and in those areas, I attempt to

In this area,

I don’t attempt this way because
this has to do with, again, you,

and the universe,

you and the fundamental Tao,
you and what you are.

If you don’t want any of that

Well, you know,

that’s why the social mind is


Am I going to wrestle the social
mind to the ground to give you

your best chance?

No, it’s bigger than I am.

It’s meaner than I am.

It’s been around a lot longer
than I am, and will be around a

lot longer after I am gone.

I can’t beat it for you.

It is, in fact, impossible.

I’ve accepted that as my role
within the universe

and a vastly larger opponent.

Ah, and i’ll make no attempt to
get away from it, especially when

you can simply get up yourself
and do it.

You know, it’s kind of like i’ll
wrestle this huge guy and smack

him with a stick and get set on

So you can just turn around and
walk out the door

you’re already standing next to.

Even when this guy really isn’t
holding the door shut or doing

anything like that.

All you have to do is actually go
outside and do that.

So why should I go through that
huge effort,

if you can do it


These are the two parts.

That’s it.


the only place you’re really
going to get in trouble with the

rest of humanity, is if you don’t
shut up,

because that will lead you into
all sorts of strange journeys.

Learn to shut up.

That’s very important.

This, as I’ve often talked about,
while not often talked about, as

I periodically talked about, has
to deal with the Taoist

principle of concealment.

And so this is one of the domains
of concealment.

You’ll hear this periodically
refer to or read this

periodically referred to in some
texts. Like they’ll say, “Oh,

concealments about Blah blah bluh.”

Well, you really don’t understand
concealment until you start

studying the enlightenment
process, and engaging in it.

Until that time, it just thinks
about “Oh,

they use it to pull off huge
practical jokes.” Which we do.

it’s just a bunch of lying, or, for
some sort strange ass reason.


but here’s one reason right here.

So learning to shut up at the
proper time, and is the issue of concealment,

and so that you can preserve your
basic development.

Because there’s really no reason
to have anybody else believe you

when it comes to spiritual

It’s really unimportant

as to what their opinion is.

As it’s not their opinion that’s
going to advance

you spiritually.

It is your relationship and your

that are going to advance you


for example, let’s roll back
round to Darth Vader

I, and go with the evil adept

People are like, well, does he
radiate evil?

Does he kill kittens when he’s
next to you?

Or what goes on?

It’s like, actually, he’s a very
nice guy.

You’d probably like him

until he killed you,

and then you probably wouldn’t
care for him too much then.

But he’d kill you politely


without a great deal of cruelty.

So you would simply be dead, or
your stuff would simply be his,

or you would simply do what he

I, and

there are reasons behind that.

Well, the Taoist concealment
principle. He doesn’t really care

what you think.

He doesn’t really care what you

He doesn’t really care what
you’re going to do.

Ay, because he can do whatever he
wants anyways.

Now that’s not just the nature of

That’s also, any one of the
strong karmic poles actually

functions exactly like that.

It doesn’t really matter what
other people believe.

Now, it can be useful

if you’re trying to form


but in any other situation,

if cooperation is not necessary,

it is unimportant as to what the
other person’s belief is with

regards to what you’re doing.


does making that huge amount of
effort to convince them actually

make any sense at all?

Now, of course, I’m talking
within the Taoist concept.

There are some things that can
only be formed via cooperation

or via convincing somebody.

But for mystical elements

or for

personal spiritual development,

doesn’t really matter.

I can tell you, it doesn’t really
matter if you’re supported,

doesn’t really matter if
you’re opposed.

Now it can matter in the
beginning, when you’re

when you’re trying to get out of
the nursery,

and you need more support

and you need more things on your

There are a lot of things you can
get on your side that has

absolutely nothing to do with
other humans.

But if you do happen to have
other humans that are doing the

same thing, it’s easier to do,
because humans are communal creatures.

But now, when it comes down,
we’re talking about you’re

having big


it doesn’t really matter anymore,
because you’ve replaced other

humans with the big enchilada.

You know, you don’t need to eat
the little portions. You’ve got

the truck coming up.

Now if you want to work with
other humans and continue to

support yourselves and move
forward from that

position, that’s fantastic
because you won’t always have the

truck coming in.

Sometimes you’ll screw up the
order and send it to the wrong place,

and you’ll be sitting back going,

“Yeah, I’m not in San Francisco.

I need that over here in Flagstaff.”

The Trucks gooing, “Screw off!”
You’re going, “Oh yes.


It’s the universe,”

and that’s just how it goes.

See if you hunt in the wrong
spot, what happens?

You go hungry.

Those are the rules of how nature

You have to be in the right spot
to catch the fish.

You know, if you’re fishing in
the desert,

generally won’t catch too many fish.

So getting yourself in the right
spot for the right stuff is

important, and it’s one of the
lessons that you learn

from just existing.


We hope you’re enjoying this
episode of Living the Tao-A
Spiritual Podcast.

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Now back to the programme.


So we’ll do a quick review here.

And I want to show you how
something called invocation links

over to this aspect here.

Now, you can have very intensive

insights that you will call
mystical experiences.

But I warn you,

before setting out to do such a

be prepared to have it work.

As I have often told people,
like, for example, with Qi Gong,

or even with Kung fu or anything

one of the big problems I have is
that the stuff we do actually works.

And people don’t initially
believe that it works.

And then they do it, and it

And it’s a matter of, like, old
man is freaky.

That’s a why it worked.

You mean, exactly as it was
stated that it was going to work.


kind of strange

that it actually did what it was
supposed to do.

Especially with spiritual systems,

we’re used to the

thought of, “Oh, it’s some
special dude

that it works for.”

Aren’t we?

We’re used to that


That’s that guy he lives on the

It only works for the guy on the


What will very

is the amount of work that you
have to put in

in order to get a response.

And the reason for this is really
very simple.

It goes back to your belief

If your belief structure is very
distant from the thing that

you’re trying to experience or

you’re going to have to put in
more time and effort to get to

the same spot.

Is that fair?

No, but the universe isn’t fair.

It’s just equal.

Always keep that in mind.

If you’re walking around in this
percept with this thought in the

back of your head.

And I mean, keep it in mind,
because if you have in the

thought, the thought in the back
of your head, all it’s not fair

that I have to do this.

Guess what happens?

Absolutely nothing.

The universe does not respond to
compulsions of fair.

It responds to compulsions of
equal, which is entirely different.

And as long as you have in the
back of your head the thought of,

“Well, you know, it should happen,
because it’s fair for it to


Guess what happens?


The universe is unpersuaded

by your concept of fair.

That’s kind of like

if you have a child, the child
saying, ‘Well, this person got

a brand new Ferrari for their 8th

I should get a brand new Ferrari
for my 8th birthday, because it’s


Are you persuaded by such

Neither is the universe.

That’s how it works.

So if your belief is very distant

within our equal universe

from this position over here,

you’re going to have to put in

more effort to get into the same

Now, what is effort?

Well, if you follow the simple
pathway that’s been outlined.

So in the first year you’re
working with hygiene,

positive power,

Positive power,

while it can express itself as
being nice to other people, has

in fact, nothing to do with being
nice to other people.

And calm,

which is usually

produced by meditation,

but can be produced

by laying in wait for prey

So do nothing and be aware



and that will produce a state
very similar to that of


Meditation is a much Greater
refinement of that over time, but

not for everybody.

It takes time to get to a refined
level of meditation.

Some people, when they meditate,
if once or twice, are going to

have vast Doors open for them.

That is because they are not very

from the true Tao.

It will instantly activate for

It will instantly make success or
sense, and they will have instant

and huge solutions available to

If that is not you, that’s ok.

It’s not fair.

So a lot of times, the reason we
have to go over that is simple.

The concept of fairness usually
boils down to a thought of, well,

I’m doing something wrong.

Or somebody owes me

If you sit back and say, well,
it’s not a fair situation.

You’re not doing anything wrong.

And nobody owes you anything,

which means you just go where,
you happen to walk.

Well, you have to get your brain
to accept that.

And if it’s been built around the
thought of things having to be

fair, you’re in trouble, because
you have to get past that belief.

That belief is inhibiting

your ability to attain truth.

And so you had to sit there and
kick that belief around until

it’s out of your head.

Once you get the concept of
fairness out of your head, all

sorts of opportunities are going
to emerge for you in addition to

probably a true pathway of evil.

But you can avoid that just by
not doing it,


you know as something else that I
have to point out to people. Just

because you can do something as a
social mind starts to erode,

doesn’t mean you should do it.

That’s a whole different thing.

Just because you can realize that
suddenly you could be the next

great evil, doesn’t mean that you
should be the next great evil.

Not for any particular reason

Perhaps you shouldn’t be that

So this is our first level of


which is the control of sense

You surround yourself with things
that will remind you of what

you’re trying to do.

That sensory reminder helps us

focus, helps us pursue the things
we want.

For example,

college is one big

system of hygiene.

You’re there. It reminds you of doing
all those things. It reminds you

of going through that process.

The fact is that distance
learning, while it’s emerging,

will probably not be as successful


being at the actual place,

and the performance levels are
likely to be lower for these

basic reasons.

The hygiene isn’t as well
controlled. It’s too easy for a

person to sit in their house and
screw around.

And it’s just like working from

Working from home, for a lot of
people, is hugely difficult,

initially because they don’t have
any of the hygiene in place.

Those people that are successful
do what?

They actually shape their
environment to remind them of

what they’re doing.

So they have an environment. They
walk into it.

And what do they do in that

They do that thing.

That’s it.

And then it’s a matter of getting
everybody else to believe that

you’re actually doing something.

But that’s all a whole different


after that level, we have what

which for some people will be the

of enlightenment, not for

Certain percentage of the
population, as soon as they come

to understand this and practice

it directly exposes them to
Tao Mind. They can just dwell

within it in and advance.

It is not to cure all for all

You can also be completely still,
but yet not be even remotely


Which really freaks people out
that are in the enlightenment

practices, particularly in Zen.
“Like, well, what about stillness?”

You can achieve complete
stillness, yet not spiritually


What do you mean?

How’s that possible?

Well, that is within human
capability to do such things.


which you really have to study.

Acceptance is the foundation of
all change



Initially, when I mention this

the closest approximation I can
give to this is prayer.


who are you praying to?


This is you sitting down with
yourself, saying what is important.

That’s really what invocation is.

It has potency

because not only are you talking
to yourself,

you are a small part of the Tao.

So you’re talking to the Tao.

You’re talking to the fundamental
reality of things.

This is potent for shaping a

for that basic reason.

You can invoke


Why can you invoke insight?

You’re a piece of the Tao


now you want more Tao.

You want to spend more
time with yourself.

You want to experience what’s
already there.

It’s not hugely difficult,

but you have to say it.

So you can just sit back and
dedicate a time, repeat to

yourself for ten minutes, see if
you can pull it off.

“I want a great insight.”

Or “Give me a great insight into
the universe.”

“Give me a great insight into the

See if you can make yourself do
it for ten minutes.

Five minutes.


after two weeks,

something will happen.

Now, is that a magic number of
two weeks?


I mean, you’re likely to actually
have something before that.

But if your life is very busy and
you haven’t controlled these

other factors here.

Then it’ll probably take about
two weeks.

But if you spend ten minutes a
day doing it, yeah, you’re likely

to at some night, go to sleep and

be caught up in this huge,

definitely real vision

of stuff.

And it could be a vision of
cheese, and you’re just sitting

there going, ‘My god, it’s the
world of cheeeeseee!

How could this be real?”

Or it could, in fact, be
something that you sit back.

It’s intensely real, and also
intensely important to you.

But not all visions of the great
universe are important.

And that’s something to keep in
mind as you go along through


I’ve had really intensive
experiences about insanely stupid things.


ways of tying shoes, for example,

just completely and absolutely
experience this brilliant

solution for shoe tying.

Come to truly understand the fact
that, in fact, shoelaces should

lace down by the sole, not on the
top, for a whole variety of


Just come out with all those

See the perfect shoe.

And just sitting there, the
universe compelling me, this is

the perfect shoe.

Wasn’t there even a Seinfeld
about that?

Maybe that’s what triggered it,


entirely doable,

two weeks,

ten minutes a day,

see if you can do that.

Ten minutes doesn’t work.

Fifteen minutes a day.

Just say that you want great

Keep saying it.

You can make yourself do it.

Keep saying it.

And in fact, if you can’t make
yourself do it, you don’t

actually want it.

And that’s its own lesson.

And so, as things go on, you can
find out where you are within

your own spiritual development.

There’s no reason to be sitting
around with this b.s. of, “Oh, I

want great spiritual development.”

If you can’t stop yourself or
make yourself do something for

ten minutes, for two weeks

each day, you know where your
standing is.

It’s like, well, you didn’t want
great spiritual development.

You kind of wanted a little
spiritual development.

And that’s ok,

because, again, it’s not a matter

the issue of fair,

the issue of where you’re sitting
back and going, oh, I have to

have this, or I should have this
same drive of blababa.

You have whatever you have.

You have that particular thing in

You have that particular skill.

You might as well find out.

Then if you want more,

you should ask yourself a basic

“Well, why do I want more?”

Maybe you don’t want more.

Maybe you just have been told, or
you’ve come up with the belief that

you want more.

But nothing you ever do supports
that you want more.

So what is your best spiritual

Come to the acceptance

that you don’t want anymore.

That being right here.

This is cool.

This first inch that’s exactly
what I want.

I want one inch.

I don’t want anything else.

And at the same time, if you go
through that, and you find that

while ten minutes, automatically
it became twenty minutes, and two

weeks became six months, that’s
an indicator that perhaps you

want more.

And so you’re automatically over

Now, should I spend a great deal
of time trying to get the one

inch person up to this person
over here?


You are exactly where you are.

I mean, it’s not like you’re
being tortured in your off

invocation time.

You can do the invocations.

You can do them while you’re
driving, if you want to.

Now it is best if you’re not
mentally occupied with other

things during the same time.

It’ll be vastly more important (a.k.a powerful).

You can just focus that ten
minute period and do that.

And I’m certain that you can find
ten minutes, if it’s something

you actually want to do.

Now, if you can’t find ten
minutes during the day, you know

what that means,

you don’t want to do it.

Because you can find ten minutes
to eat.

You can find ten minutes to work
on your hair.

You can find ten minutes to do
your laundry.

You can find time all over the
place. When you can’t do something

for that short of a period of

what it’s revealing is choice.

And if you’re being consistently
drawn back to, “Well, you know, I

should be blablah,” ask yourself
very seriously why you’re

thinking you should be anything

Maybe you shouldn’t.

When the invocation occurs, or
you have an insight, it’s not

going to be a matter of
intellectual thought, there’s a

substantial difference between
intellectual thought and the

function of insight.

What you’re describing it would
be called contemplation,

which is a system that can lead
to insight, and, as considered

one of the insight pathways, but
it’s not the same as insight.

And so what you want to do is you
want to try and

dedicate that single period,
because in part, the single

period is the trial. It’s you

if you look at something…

And I’ve said that, well, you
dedicate ten minutes to this.

In ten minutes to that,

there are a huge number of times
where you’re dedicating ten

minutes to a single redundant

And what I’m saying is that the
ten minutes are available.

So that’s not an acceptable

If you try yourself against the
ten minutes

and you’re constantly finding
reasons for the ten minutes to

not be available, that’s the
first indicator

that it’s not something you
actually want to do.

And what I’m saying is, that’s

You don’t actually have to do it.

And there’s no compulsion

to do such a thing.

The next thing I’m also saying is
that when you’re in that slot, it

has to be a time that you have
set aside, really,

to do this thing, and that the
invocation has to be redundant,

and has to be-

So you had to say the same thing
over and over again, very simply,

because otherwise

it’s too entertaining, which is

strangely enough, a drawback for
the brain.

So it has to be simple.

It has to be straightforward.

And then what will happen is that
I’m not talking about having an interesting

concept of my pen I’m talking

this is what you need to do to
induce a mystical experience,

because that’s what exactly will

Now it may occur in sleep.

And the reason for that is that,

for most people, sleep’s the only
time when

you create sufficient breaks in
attachment from the external

world, that your brain has those
resources available.

If you’re a meditator, it can
easily occur in meditation.

You’ll simply meditate, and
you’ll be somewhere and they’ll

be like,

why am I in a cigarette cart?

And all of a sudden, I’m not that

And those will actually be kind
of the quality thoughts initially.

Or you may have a tremendous
booming mystical experience,

which is actually-

the limitation for that is going
to be that they’re costly to have.

Meaning that the amount of
resources your brain has to

commit to such things, very

and if you’re strongly attached

to the external world, you’re not
going to have those resources available.

They have to be stolen from


that also will have an additional side

in that, during the process of

because of the resources consumed,

the attachments will actually
stay broken for a period of time.

So after that, you typically have
a series of insights that occur

as well.

Now are those insights occurring
because of your big mystical experience?

Perhaps partly,

but they are definitely occurring
because the attachments have been severed

to the external world for a short
period of time.

So when such a thing occurs,

run with it.

You don’t have forever,

because the mind is going to
reattach itself.

Only when you get very used to
breaking and reusing the

attachments are they going to be
easily severable for you. Where

you can sit back and go, while
I’m having a difficulty with

this, because I’m currently
attached to this and this and


When you can do that, then you
can sever attachment at will and

free those resources for

And that will be also the type of
control you need to prove that

this thing actually functions
exactly as I’m saying it does.

So the proof will not come until

But the proof for triggering your
mystical experience,

as long as

you make it in bounds


you shut up,

if you request it, it will occur.

That’s all you need to do.

That’s how simple the process is.

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