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Manifesting Love Directly and Quickly with The Tao

The Tao can be invoked to bring love directly and quickly into your life.

As I have repeatedly emphasized throughout this category of articles, invocation is about establishing a relationship with the Tao, with yourself as a part of the Tao, and is manifested according to divine law rather than the interpretation of a divine being.

You will want to review those principles in order to avoid making a horrific error.

Let’s take a look at a sample invocation for bringing more love into your life.  I am including the precise words to use in the sample, so you can start with this invocation right now.

Invocation of Love

+Love Be Blessed.

+Love Spread and Grow Within the World.

+Tao Favor Me With Love

+Give Me the Favor of A (partner type)

+Make the Love Be (quality of love)

+Make the Love Be (quality of love)

+Make the Love Be (quality of love)

Simple to say and this initial invocation will give you great results.  It can be modified as you gain greater experience.

There are a number of key factors I want to point out.

Your relationship to love in general will strongly influence the love that you experience.  This relationship includes both your relationship to Divine Love and your relationship toward Human love.  If you are negative toward either, your negativity will become incorporated as a subtext into the invocation.  The first two lines of the sample are designed to point that out to you and properly frame the interaction with the Tao.

You may have to be changed to achieve the love that you want, in which case the Tao will manifest the life events necessary to change you.  If the change is radical, it will likely be painful.

Keep in mind that the solution to the problem can just as easily be to cause you to change as to cause events to manifest.

Karma, will, and energetic cost determine how the Tao manifests.  You may not be the same person that starts the process.

We also see a basic Taoist principle underlying the idea of who or what is going to change;  Of all creatures, humans are the most capable of change.  The Tao knows this principle as part of the true design of humans and so the true design is used to manifest the invocation.  The Tao has no loyalty to the falsity of the Social Mind, so do not expect it to manifest according to false expectations and rules.

Warm regards,

Taoist master signature

Master Mikel Steenrod

Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven


P.S. If you want to see a person’s life become more spiritual and more successful in just weeks, get them into invocation.

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