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5 Reasons Balance Is Hard

Taoism, particularly in the 4 Ascendant Tradition, is best equipped to help you find a balance in your life.  Balance is the foundation of a happy person.

A human being requires balance in the 4 managements (resources, relationships, self-development, self-maintenance) or the 4 Taoist doorways.  When these are unbalanced, you are in pain.

The truth is for you to seek a change in how you commit time and resources to any of the 4, you have to be experiencing a pain or you have to feel a lack of some sort.  After all, if everything is going well right now, it is very difficult to fix something.  It ain’t broke, so don’t fix it.

Most people have a problem because, it isn’t broke right now, today.  It may be broke in the future as your world changes.  Anytime you imbalance your life, you are risking being caught at a major disadvantage in the future.

Let’s say you spend all your time developing your relationships, but ignore the hours you need to develop your finances.  What happens?  Well, you end up having friends, but being in poverty and having to rely upon your relationships for support.

Let’s say you commit a large amount of time to personal development and achieve great spiritual and personal progress, but you ignore finances to get there.  What happens?  Well, you end up being the person living on the remote mountain top simply because you can’t afford to live anywhere else.

Of course, life is ripe with stories of the person that achieves great wealth, but loses relationships and spirituality in the process.

None of these is the desirable situation.

5 Reasons You Can’t Find a Balance

Is it any mystery that you can’t balance your life if you didn’t know that…

  1. Life needed to be balanced.
  2. That there were 4 activities to be balanced.
  3. You never heard of the problems of balance.
  4. You’ve never looked at the tools of balance.
  5. You don’t know what the tools of balance are?

How then can you pull off balance?

First, you must have willingness to balance and then you must act on the willingness.

Second, you must use superior tools.  The basic fact is that society and the social mind has left you ill equipped for pursuing balance.

Let’s take a look at actual tools for balancing your life in the next post.

Warm regards,

Taoist master signature



Master Mikel Steenrod
Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven
(Lineage Holder of the 4 Ascendant Spheres Purity Adept School of the Tao)


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