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A Simple Tool For Balance

Why Not Doing or Wei Wu Wei can be a potent force of unchoosing a lack of happiness.

Not Doing is a Tool of Balance

Not doing (a.k.a wu wei or wei wu wei) is a simple, but essential tool.  If you are imbalanced, and you have the unhappiness that comes from such imbalance, you need to be regularly using that simple tool.

There is a tendency to think that Spirituality must be bizarre or abstract.  In fact, I can tell you after having been in spiritual pursuit for over 30 years that it is much easier to get someone to do so something that is bizarre, abstract, and ineffective–repeatedly–than it is to have them do something simple and extremely potent.  The first is arcane but non-threatening, the second very threatening because of its accessibility.

You see, even with the self being hampered by the Social Mind, we can recognize the things that change us.  We can recognize the things that will better our lives.

Unhappiness and spiritual enslavement can only be unchosen in small stages.  The choice to Not-do must be made consciously, and in small exposures, because it is part of the unchoosing of the Social Mind.

How Does This Apply to Balance

Simple, imbalance is a product of choice.  You have to be willing to see different things, to think different things, and to feel different things in order to strike a balance.  Without actively seeking to change in these areas, how can you produce a different result?

Does driving the same road every day lead to a new destination?

No, it does not.

Going further down that road may.  Going off the road may.

You won’t know without change.

Why Not Doing?

To do something different, you must for a period of time release your self from the prison of you.  You must place yourself into a receptive position.

If you are deeply into spirituality, you need to be willing to release yourself for long periods of time.  Not Doing is the time you will release the Social Mind and open yourself for instruction from the Tao, through observation and intuition.

If you are simply seeking balance, you must release the guidance of your unbalanced mind.

Not Doing Accesses the Mystical

Not-Doing also creates opportunities for you to be in harmony with the Tao.  Moments of true harmony will be magical.  With harmony, many life balance issues simply disappear.

Not Doing is not an excuse to not do work.  The Not-Doing is the work.  Problems that need to be directly resolved will also become glaringly apparent through the Not-Doing.

The sum of these two effects is straightforward: As one achieves balance, one achieves harmony.

Warm regards,

Taoist master signature


Master Mikel Steenrod

Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven

(Lineage Holder of the 4 Ascendant Spheres Purity Adept School of the Tao)

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3 Responses

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  2. What is “center”. And is that term used in 4AS?

    Along my reading years of Taoism, I picked up the terms “centered” and “grounded”. Of course, I was never certain I knew what was meant by these terms.

    Does this apply to our training in any way?

  3. Hmmm. It’s not a formal term in 4 Ascendant practice. There is the idea of the self being stretched like cling wrap by the external world, and that there needs to be a time for the cling wrap to be released so it can come back. It’s a process that’s considered needed for health and spiritual development. Meditation or qi gong are tools that’ll help you with that. Being in nature too.

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