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The Mind of the Enlightened: Tao Mind

What is the mind like before spiritual enlightenment. What does it become like after spiritual enlightenment?

There is a definite type of person that comes out on the other side of the Taoist Enlightenment process.  Spiritual enlightenment is not a product of what you say or what you believe.  These are surface things imposed upon the underlying human–an act called striving in most enlightenment literature.

A person in active practice changes fundamentally.  His or her mind functions differently and the energetic structure of the person is different.  These changes can be demonstrated, tested, and observed.

The primary quality of the changed, enlightened person is something called the “hybrid mind” within the 4 Ascendant Tradition.

Yes, I know this sounds somewhat scifi, but the word hybrid really means combined.  So the hybrid mind is the mind that has combined features.

Your Fractured Mind Before Spiritual Enlightenment

Normally a person favors 1 of three types of thinking: intellectual, emotional, and intuitive.

The intellectual person uses intellectual thought, and some form of reason to justify action.  The emotional person makes decisions based on emotional value and response, and uses emotion to justify actions.  The intuitive person uses direct insight and a sense of the future to justify actions.

You may think that you are some combination of these factors, but that is highly unlikely.

The majority of the population is about 98% one element and 2% another element.  The third element is completely quashed and does not influence action in any significant way.

One of the reasons that conflict exists among humans is because of this strong polarization of the mind.  It is hard for the intellectual to understand the emotional (and vice versa), primarily because the systems use different information and different values to make decisions.  Of course, both the intellectual and emotional  minds think that the intuitive is crazy, simply because of the rarity of true intuitive minds within the human population.

Your Mind as It Was Meant to Be: Tao Mind

These divisions exist because of the Social Mind.

As a person becomes enlightened, he or she starts receiving information from all three mental positions.  This leads to insanity for some and simple chaos for others For some these negative outcomes are long lasting.  For others, the negatives are short-lived. Despite the possibility of negative outcomes,  it is the natural ability of a human to have information flowing from the 3 different positions.

As with most information sources, a teacher is needed to learn how to manage and use the information flow.  Without one, you need a great deal of luck or an enormous tolerance for pain while you figure things out.  The risk of insanity with a teacher and established method is also reduced dramatically.

What gradually emerges from skilled Taoist training is the hybrid mind.  This mind can gather information from three sources, mix it, value it, and then act upon the information that is provided.

Warm Regards,

Taoist master signature

Master Mikel Steenrod

Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven

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