The Taoism for the Modern World

Basic Beliefs & Facts

Do Taoists Drink Wine, Beer, or other Alcohol?

There is no prohibition against wine, beer or other alcohol in most sects. Mixed faith sects or specific alchemy schools may...

What is Taoism’s Position on Homosexuality and Sexuality?

Dear Friend, There is Taoist sect variation on the position regarding sexuality, but there is no position that could be...

What is the Taoist Bible?

So what is the book that I should read?  What is the Taoist bible? It’s great that you want further…

What Does Taoism Say About the Apocalypse, Mayan Calendar or End of the World?

In Taoism, there is no fated apocalypse.  This is true across schools, including the 4 Ascendant Tradition, and traditions that...

What Does Taoism Say About Fate and Future? Is it Predetermined?

Taoist practitioners spend a lot of time coming to understand the flow of change and time.  As a result, where…

Taoist Sabbath

No, for Taoists there is no formal day off like Saturday or Sunday. As you know, the need to act...

Taoist Holy Days

Taoist Holy Days or holidays are usually astronomically based. Taoists typically have a celebration or personal ritual performed on the…

Taoist Teaching–How is It Done?

The three most common approaches to the teaching of Taoism.

What is Taoism?

The question of "What is Taoism?" is often times the question of "What Types of Taoism are There?"  You will...

What Types of Taoism Are There?

There are 4 dominant types of Taoism in the current period.

Wu Wei

How to Become Happy

Qi and Nature

Mysticism and Invocation

Parenting and Relationships


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