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Choices That Lead to Taoist Karma

Be certain of this, being without karma means that you will be at the whims of others and unable to make effective life choices. Of course, that means you will not achieve greater happiness. Unfortunately, there is not an easy list of acts that will always produce Karma of a certain type.

Taoist Practice, Study, and Experimentation are Needed to Build Karma

People must spend time studying the nature of choice and go through a process of trial and error to reach a true understanding of Karma. 

As a species, we do have an underlying, inherent sensitivity to choice.  It is part of being a human, so the amount of study that we have to do to start accumulating Karma is small.

Our natural human sensitivity to choice is masked by the Social Mind.  As you experience insight and move down the enlightenment pathway,  Social Mind weakens and you become much more sensitive to Karma and choice.  Weakening the Social Mind is often a prerequisite to achieving large quantities of Karmic power, simply because you’re not sensitive enough to Karma or choice to make consistent decisions when the Social Mind is strong.

As a rule of thumb, you can count on a release of karmic energy as a consequence of choice in 3 ways.  Understanding these ways will assist you in refining your karma building skills.

3 Ways Choices Provide Karmic Plusses or Minuses:

  1. The impact of your choices upon other things.  You are permitted to have influence upon other things.  You are also allowed to favor your own choices.  This does not change the fact that your choices will have Karmic impact.  The flow of Karma is unstoppable, because the need to make choices is not preventable.
  2. Your impact upon yourself.  Treating yourself well or badly does have Karmic impact; the same Karmic impact that the choices would have if they influenced someone other than you.
  3. Your interaction with your own sense data.  How you choose to interact with sensory information has tremendous Karmic consequences.  It is difficult to understand this concept if you believe that Karma is a reward and punishment system.  After all, sensory information can not be harmed.  However, the choices behind handling sensory information do have a cumulative force to them.

These are the three arenas where choice will produce karmic energy.  How that karmic energy adds up can be explored in the article here.

 Keep in mind this basic Tao rule: Karma comes from choice and karma fuels choice.  This rule will help you to understand the importance of karma.

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