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The Most Important Taoist Invocation

I’m going to reveal the single most important Taoist invocation.  If you do no other invocation than this one, your spirituality will grow.

Invocation is really about you sitting down and setting up a direct, responsive relationship between you and the Tao.  In contrast, I often liken text study of such things as the  Tao Te Ching to reading porn.  It gives you the fantasy of a relationship, but it doesn’t involve any of the trouble or work of setting up a relationship with a real person.

Invocation is you learning to talk to the Tao itself, in a way that it will respond–much like learning to talk to potential mates in a way that they will respond.

When I raise the issue of invocation, I will always get an instant percentage of people that will respond with great, often vicious opposition to the idea of it.

Interestingly enough, a little questioning reveals that the same people have horrible relationship skills and a horrible relationship history.  Is it any wonder the thought of having to set up a relationship with the divine is so frightening to them?

There is no need for fear or worry.

You have an instant in with the Tao.  You are the Tao.  While you are setting up a relationship with something external, you are also setting up a relationship with yourself.  The Tao also loves you to start, right off the bat.  Not a bad situation to be in when setting up a relationship.

Let’s deal with the first invocation, gratitude, that will set all the groundwork.

In other articles, I’ve addressed the rules of invocation, and the fact that invocation is not interpreted by a divine being but directly manifested.  That can lead to some problems, because it can effectively be like putting out a personal ad for the most horrific match you can imagine, and then wondering why people can’t figure out what you want when you get exactly what you asked for.


Wonderful Power of Gratitude

The most important invocation is gratitude.

Gratitude is a safe invocation.

It is simple to do.  It is amazingly powerful in getting you to set up an interaction with the Tao.

It even adjusts you spiritually.  For example, if you are having trouble understanding the practice of positive power, gratitude will automatically move you toward positive power.

Many people have a difficult time understanding positive power intellectually.  You see, positive power is a perceptual state.  It can be accessed through the intellect or through simply changing perception.  Gratitude invocation changes the perception without having to understand it intellectually.

As an added plus, gratitude invocation directly builds karma for any of the karmic poles.


Nuts and Bolts of the Gratitude Invocation

To practice gratitude, simply list things to yourself that you are grateful for.  Repeat them within your head.  Try to complete 15 minutes.

Remember, gratitude can be different then thankfulness.  There are many trials that have come my way that I am not thankful for, but my responses to them shaped me.  I am grateful for their influence.  I didn’t enjoy them, and don’t feel particularly thankful for the pain that they caused me.  I am grateful that I was able to learn and develop as a person.  I am grateful for the strength that I ultimately gained as a result of the trials such events presented me.

There is a simple saying to keep in mind, “The Tao loves a grateful person.”

A contrasting thought, who or what likes an ungrateful person?  Ahhh, there you go!

Warm Regards,

Taoist master signature

Master Mikel Steenrod

Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven

(Lineage Holder of the 4 Ascendant Spheres Purity Adept School of the Tao)


P.S.  If you’re looking for a sample script for a gratitude invocation, you can find it here: Design Your Own Invocation Plus 3 Common Ones

One Response

  1. When reading this piece about Karma I realized that I have had a jumbled conception of what it is. In addition, after all these years learning that I can and will talk to the Tao is new for me. Happily so.
    In the process of starting this course I discovered that I am being challenged by the negative thinking – the “poo pooing,” within my own family. I will not allow myself to be drawn into it no matter how upset they get. In the past, I have allowed myself to be pushed into choices that I did not want by allowing myself to be drawn into positions that I would not have chosen on my own. I place no blame on anyone else realizing that I did this to myself.
    Have a peaceful day.

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