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Intuition vs Insight–Whats the Difference?

One of the problems of developing intuition is that there are many experiences or abilities that are bundled into the meaning of intuition.  It’s very difficult to develop something that you have misidentified.

To define intuition, we must first separate two things that are viewed as one thing, but are actually very different: Insight and Intuition.

Insight versus Intuition

Insight is a sudden “aha” moment where you have a realization about the world.

Intuition is a moment of great perception and gut instinct.

They are alike in that both are human skills that are not commonly used and belong to parts of the brain that are not favored by the Social Mind.   This skill cluster is known as a domain.

Because they belong to a similar domain, they can often seem like the same thing.  It’s like two people coming from the same, exotic country.  They may not know each other.  They may not share much in common.  To outsiders, however, they are more alike than they are different.

All people are intuitive, and capable of getting gut-level solutions to problems, and gut-level perceptions about the world.

Insight comes from exposure to True reality–the Tao without any mask.

Insight and Intuition Aren’t Opposing Forces

Sometimes the exposure to reality occurs through intuition, furthering insight.  Likewise, insight can increase the power of a person’s intuition, and the chance that information coming from the gut is accurate and useful.

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