Develop Intuition to Its Ultimate Taoist Form

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As a Taoist, intuition is used to describe a knowledge of what the outcome of events will be, where threats are hiding, where possible paths of success are, and in determining whether or not a person is telling the truth to you.

This knowledge generally comes as sudden impulses that are very visceral and are not deduced using the intellect.

The biggest intuition killer is desire.  For some, desire means that they see what they want to see.  For others, the desire to be recognized as being special causes the intellect to be used in generating a fantasy impulse that is mistake for intuition.

Intuition is really a word for a natural human ability that is suppressed within the Social Mind.  When this natural ability is fully developed, a person can exist in a state of constant intuition, at which point it becomes something known as Taoist Vision.  It is as reliable as normal vision, and is subject to the similar restrictions as normal vision.

For example, with your eyes there will be places you can’’t see.  There will be things that you see and don’t understand.  You will interpret things incorrectly.  There will be areas that you don’t look.  There will be things that you missed even among the things that you do see.

Intuition is not infallible.  I mention this, because the skill of intuition is given the status of having absolute truth to it.  It sees things that can not be seen by many others, but it is not infallible.  It can be deceived, and it can provide useless information—just like normal vision.

Taoists develop this Taoist vision as an automatic outgrowth of 4AS Taoist practice.

As your Social Mind is replaced through insight experiences, and you stop imposing mind upon the world, intuition grows in strength.  Meditation will allow small moments of insight to string together.  Once the string is formed, it becomes a consistent stream of information that plugs into your brain–that is the Taoist vision.

Develop Intuition Quickly

First of all, for some Intuition can be very quickly developed, with only modest changes in Social Mind.  One of the fastest pathways for developing intutition comes from learning a specific type of no mind.  You can condition this type of mind by following the protocol below.

  1. Avoid trying to explain what intuition is or how it works.
  2. You must be willing to abandon both the desire to explain and the desire to be accepted.  These desires are human interpretations of an intuitive event and not the event itself.  The event exists independently of any attempt to explain it. There is a great difference between having an experience and explaining an experience and having others accept it.  Intuition exists outside of the Social Sphere.  You must allow yourself to step outside of that Sphere to be intuitive.
  3. Spend brief periods of time both focused and relaxed with the topic in mind.
  4. Accept that intuitive knowledge is natural and will simply emerge in this state.  Do not interfere with the process.

The protocol, followed on a regular practice schedule, will quickly build repeatable, basic intuition.  Of course, Taoist Vision requires more extensive training and practice.

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Master Mikel Steenrod

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