What Part of You Becomes Spiritually Enlightened?

“What Part of You Becomes Spiritually Enlightened in Taoism?”

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The most common thought is that some mysterious inner part of you, usually a form of the soul, becomes spiritually enlightened.

The true Taoist answer is different and very simple,  “All of You

““All of You” means something simple: you are your body.  This was the first presumption of Taoism in its many thousand year history of practice.

We experience the world through our bodies.  We know the world through our bodies and we interact with the world through our bodies.

The body is not a jar for the soul that the soul must escape from to be released.  The object of enlightenment is not to further the escape of the soul.

Your mind does lead the journey to enlightenment.  If the body is significantly flawed, it is extremely difficult for the spiritual journey to be successful.

Unfortunate Implications for Enlightenment

What does that mean?

Well, if you experience traumatic brain injury you will not become enlightened.  If you are under the influence of debilitating illness, you won’’t become enlightened.  In fact, if you are dramatically out of shape or low on energy, you won’’t become enlightened.  Achieving mind of clarity requires a relatively healthy body, a strong mind, and a decent quantity of qi.

Is it true that body limits keep you from spiritual enlightenment?

Yes and no.

Any body damage puts a significant damper on your ability to move forward.  Its like trying to walk over a hill carrying very large weights.  It may be doable by some, but certainly the journey becomes so difficult that most will never make it.

Taoists are very practical and have applied energy to fixing this problem to help people remove these body limitations.

For thousands of years, Taoists have designed tools to restore your body, mind and qi.  That’’s why you see the broad array of kung fu, qi gong, and health practices.  You should be able to undo most of the foolish and accidental expenditures of your body and mind that occurred during your youth.

In the 4 Ascendant Taoist Tradition, these second sphere (that of the body) and the third sphere (that of the qi) are there to help you free yourself from these limits.  Any 4 A.scendant practitioner should vigorously apply him or herself to these spheres to increase the chance of personal freedom


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Master Mikel Steenrod
Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven
(Lineage Holder of the 4 Ascendant Spheres Purity Adept School of the Tao)

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