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Manifesting Wealth with Taoist Invocation

The use of invocation to manifest wealth in your life is probably the most difficult and least effective of the invocations.

Now, don’t let that discourage you from the use of the invocation. It is the most difficult, because wealth will manifest as an opportunity that you must seize upon in most cases.

You may enhance your chances of generating something called windfall luck, like winning the lottery, but you certainly don’t want to rely upon windfall to generate prolonged wealth for you.

2 Difficulties of Invoking Wealth

There are two things that make wealth harder than other invocations.

First, there is no invocation for wealth exactly.

Second, Taoists are largely unconcerned with wealth (but extremely realistic about its role).

The actual invocation is for prosperity and abundance. Prosperity/Abundance is a probability line that flows through the True universe from which all things feed (To understand this idea, you need to understand the flow of choice).

Wealth is merely a modern human expression of Prosperity/Abundance.  The P-A line has as much to do with plentiful food, and a good environment as it does with cash!

When you invoke wealth, what you are really doing is invoking the P-A, and it may not directly express as monetary wealth.

Wealth invocations also have a “killer” behavior, which, if present within you, will destroy the power of the invocation.  That’s why it’s called a killer.

This will kill wealth invocation


Wealth Killer

The thing to always remember about Taoist invocation is that you are dealing with the Tao itself.  The Tao is not human, does not possess a face, and does not have a human nature.  The Tao is all things, and humans are a far cry from being the reflection of all things.

The killer comes from treating the Tao as if it were human.

Let me illustrate this error.  When human A wants something from human B,  and A is subordinate to B, human A tells human B that he needs the thing.  Human A then strengthens as much as possible the idea of need.  This need creates the possibility that B will give A the thing he or she wants.

This fact of human to human interaction is not a fact of human to Tao interaction.  In fact,  it is an error that comes from confusing the spheres of life and power.  One is the social sphere and one is the Tao sphere.

When you are invoking, you are engaging the spiritual Sphere of the Tao.  Need is a killer in the Tao Sphere because, in invocation, you get the thing you repeat.  If you repeat need, you increase need.

Keep in mind the Tao law of equality.  All things are equal.  You are not a subordinate of the Tao; do not reinforce your need.  Begging the Tao does not provide you with a path to riches.

Tao Invocation for Abundance and Wealth

Direct to me great wealth.

Open the doors of abundance.

Have plenty flow about me and fill me.  

Let my abundance be great.

Make it flow to me with ease and beauty.

Make Wealth be Effortless.

Make Wealth be drawn to me with eagerness.  

Make my life a life of plenty.

Notice that some of the language deals with effortless wealth.  These words are in place to help you overcome the thought that hardship is a necessity of wealth, and to keep you from building suffering into your invocation subconsciously.

May wealth and abundance be yours,

Taoist Master Signature

Master Mikel Steenrod

Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven


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